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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Three days after we were walking in Binna Burra , three walkers were bitten by a snake. They were air lifted to hospital. Summer has come early and the snakes are starting to move around.

They were bitten on the trail we walked........mmm snakes like to sun on warm tracks
They were alledgedly bitten by a tiger snake which is a particularly aggressive and lethal Australian snake. Fortunately, there were no puncture marks.... maybe it wasn't a tiger snake...
Well I have been walking for many years and really as long as you have good footwear and of course you are making a noise walking...most snakes just go the other way. The danger is if you corner them, walk on them suddenly then naturally, they defend and strike......I have never been bitten thankfully.
Hope there are no more snake stories and walkers can share the trails with wild life safely for both.

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