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Sunday, August 30, 2009


The name "James" has been in popular use in many countries of Christendom in honour of James the Apostle.
The original Latin is Jacobus which became James in English. James is one of the most popular boys names in England.
Around Europe it became Jakob in Germany, Jacques in France, Jacopo in Italian.
It appears elsewhere as Diego as in San Diego in California which has historical ties to the Mexican-Spanish.
And then there is Santiago ( Sant Iago ) the final assumed resting place of the martyred apostle at Santiago de Compostela.
The origin of Compostela is also speculative . Some say it means 'starry fields' in Latin referring to the alleged origins of the discovery. Other suggest it is from the Latin compostium or burial place.
Whatever, to believe, it matters not... James the Apostle, first of the followers of Jesus to be martyred, Patron saint of Spain, has inspired centuries of pilgrims who carry their own beliefs to this place.

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