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Monday, August 17, 2009


We set our pack weights around the suggested 1o% of body weight and set out around the river. Well at least Betty did. I struggled under about 11kg and made soft progress, jelly legs, and it was a bad start to walking fully packed. Betty powered on and walked really well......mmm back to the drawing board and fitness trail


  1. Ha! My husband had the same problem. He is a runner, so he felt he was "fit" and didn't need to take the long training walks with me. I always wear my pack and am up to 6 hours walking with 20 pounds in the pack (which is more than I will carry on the Camino).
    So he finally walked for 4 hours one day with me. He was lame for 3 days afterwards!!!
    Now he is training at least 2 times a week with loaded pack and is getting stronger.
    Walking with a loaded pack is NOT easy. No matter how fit you are, you need practice.
    Less than 3 weeks and we will be on the Camino!!

  2. We have spent the last week down sizing the packs.....the latest addition is ponchos....we have ditched the bulkier and heavier goretex rain jackets....
    We have just over 4 weeks to go and we feel we have to have some cold weather gear or layer...this adds a bit maybe you are packing for this too....great you are getting up to longer walks with packs...I think I overdid a mountain walk and then threw on the 20lb+ ( 11kg approx ) pack and tried to walk 20km
    need to start and build up....
    happy trails