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Friday, July 17, 2009

"What's your Hurry?"

"What's your hurry?....there's nothing up ahead that is anything better than it it is right here"

This is a quote from the 60's classic 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' which was a reflection on the meaning of life in a road trip metaphor.
I guess it is about ' stopping to smell the flowers' or about the modern cliche on the journey and not the destination.
The Camino is getting closer and it is beginning to take on a bit of a scary look....the distance is huge....However, We won't be in a hurry actually and we will journey by foot and if not by transport.....

I think the camino will not be about a path but about PEOPLE. It has been more interesting to follow blogs about the people walking than just learn about the WAY
That sounds a bit 'soapy' but I am looking forward to this regardless of how far we walk or pilgrimage

So we will festina lente - hasten slowly

really " what's the hurry?........."

Waterfall Walks and Stops (what's the hurry?") Barrington Tops; North of Sydney ( July 09)



  1. Hi
    I also have been following Camino blogs and find it whetting my appetite for my September walk. Training is going great. Loving my long walks!!!
    I do get anxious, wishing the time was here, but you are so right..."what's the hurry?"

  2. Rita
    Definitely agree ..... the camino will come and go before we realise so it is in the coming and the going and the gone that is the fun....challenging to live and enjoy the present and just take things more slowly ....great you are into extended walks....yep we have some anxieties and jitters..swine flu, travel connections, fitness, but well ,we will make anything work and take it day by day even though I feel a bit like you, that I want to go tomorrow....sa la vie ( not correct French..such is life)


  3. No scariness - no big distances - just one step then another step - people YES! - but that's only part of it - loneliness too - everything good - you will enjoy every minute - Buen Camino!