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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After all the research ,blogs , web sites,Carmino travel journey novels , guide books , Spanish speaking courses, outdoor shops for gear, ..... it has taken time to get down seriously to the real task ...walking.

We are good walkers and have covered many tracks and trails over many years but nothing as big as the Camino.
Two years ago we walked the Cumbria Way through the Lake District..absolutely beautiful...

However the count down has been on since Christmas for a late September Camino Frances. We have done quite a few day walks and are building up.

Blue Mountain walks in Easter......

Then after some local walks , a short walk recently up Mt. Cordeaux on the Great Dividing Range to build up a bit of stamina

Then,last week we headed out for a late afternoon walk to a Forestry Park North West of Brisbane. The park is at Mt Mee ( the source of the bad song title imitation in the post title!!!) The walk was only 14 km through a variety of semi open eucalyptus forest, pine plantation and semi rain forest.

We have done this walk a few times but always forget it has a variety of gullies to walk on a good track. The late mid afternoon start made us move faster to finish before nightfall and the inevitable torch walk. The Brisbane Bushwalkers Club does often use this walk for a night walk, however, not our plan for this walk.

Brisbane has had much rain in the last 6 months and the area was very green. The Somerset Lookout half way around looks over the main catchment dams for south east Queensland. Six months ago we were down to 18% full with major water restrictions, delsalination plant construction, major pipelines built to beat the drought in the fastest growing area in Australia.

The dams are now close to 60% full and we just had time ro be amazed by the sight down into the valleys below. Sorry no photos

We finished in good time.mmmm we thought that's half a Camino day walk.....

Think I will put a Camino count down in this blog......
Definitely need to stringing some day walks together

Oh and the " Paradise"?..... well yeah have been to many places that could have that title...just need to keep moving

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