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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Harding's Paddock we discovered last week in a visit to Mt Flinders south west of Brisbane.  It is in a Conservation Corridor and tracks along the Teviot Range which includes many isolated but unusual peaks.

The trail is muti purpose recreational and forms part of a horse trail with the occasional but not thankfully sighted mountain bikes.

It was a short but steep heart starter up to Rocky Knoll, a walk along the range and another short up to Goolman's lookout.  We had lunch looking out to the Western Divide with also southern views of Mts Barney, maroon and Lindsay.

To the east we could have seen the Pacific Ocean. Well Matthew Flinders the sailing exploreer cerainly saw Flinders Peak as he sailed around Australia..liked it ... gave it his name....

The walk was only 8km and we could have explorered further down the trail towards Flinders Peak but decided to do a car shuffle on another day.

The day was a beautiful Queensland start to winter.. well it was officially Queensland Day ( for the uninitiated that was the day Queensland was declared a separate state 151 years ago...... Happy Queensland Day

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