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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I thought we had visited Coomera falls last year but it turned out it was three years since we were here.  That was a drought ago and now the area was all shades of green.

Another late start or was it a late night that made the start late?
  We didn't hit the track until one o,clock and luckily a late breakfast was good for a late lunch.

We drifted off the Border track after 2km and started to descend into the Coomera Gorge. The track passed through sub tropical and warm temperate rainforest which was wet and quite muddy. It soon passed into giant brush box forrest and then arrived at the gorge,
The gorge is 160metres deep with the falls plummenting 64m from the top of the crevice gorge . This is a particularly beautiful part of the Lamington National Park and we were sorry that the lateness in the day meant we couldn't continue...another day.

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