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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Cliches like "Live in the present moment" and " seize the day" flood lifestyle writings.

It's true we all acknowledge that .
It is also true that distant hills do look a lot greener than the present moment.
Frequently, however, our intent to live in the present is buried in the lost legions of good intentions. Hidden somewhere near the need to get fit, the need to lose weight, the need to reduce stress, the need to work on relationship.... and so the thought and intention is dead and buried.
Rather ironic really ,because the thought of living in the present moment is put off as something we will definitely intend to practice later.
So here are some immediate tips if you really want to try to live the moment
1. Start at this particular moment..grab it now...for me this moment now is this blog which is not the best ever written in the past or the best that will ever be written in the future but at this moment is my best
2. Stay with the moment without distraction
3. Be happy that you have this moment.
4. When the time comes move on to the next moment and leave this one behind
5 Keep the process of staying in the moment as simple as possible......it is possible...SEIZE IT