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Sunday, January 3, 2010


The Prelude:
'Spots of time'

There are in our existence spots of time,
Which with distinct pre-eminence retain
A renovating Virtue,
whence,... our minds
Are nourished and invisibly repaired

(Book XI, ls 258-278)

These lines of Wordsworth come back to me quite strongly in my reflective mood. I have probably personalised the meaning to give special attention to those 'spots of time' in my life that I often return to. Hence, I must apologise for my loose non literary reading of Wordsworth which I have interpreted in my own way.

The "spots" are usually positive places/times in the main. The place/experience/moment are often ' renovating' or I would say ' re-energising'. Other names I know can be given eg a colour place, positive focus,your mental cave, your workshed, your favourite place or whatever to suggest a place or time which gave something special. It is about remembering a time which lifted your spirit.

It is not for me an escape to the past or a wishful desire to return to the past but a ' spot of time' which indeed does nourish and restore the spirit.

Wordsworth says in The Prelude that such 'spots' are scattered everywhere.
I have a few such "spots"

Wordsworth reflects in a similar way at the end of
‘Waiting for Horses’:

All these were spectacles and sounds to which
I often would repair, and thence would drink
As at a fountain. And I do not doubt
That in this later time, when storm and rain
Beat on my roof at midnight, or by day
When I am in the woods, unknown to me
The workings of my spirit thence are brought

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  1. Yes, we all have those nourishing 'spots of time', don't we? In bed at night, to help me get to sleep, I pretty well always think of some of the healing, restorative times and places which have been important in my life: magic locations from childhood, scenes from walks, days on the Camino... It works every time and I'm soon asleep.