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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Camino Spot in time Cruz de Ferro

We leftthe mountain village of Foncebadon in the pre dawn half dark. The sun arose as we approached Cruz de Ferro, the symbo;ic highest point on the Camino..
Our first sight of the top was of the sun's first rays on the iron cross at the top of the wooden pole. It gave a halo-like effect to the cross and was surreal like in appearance.
As we approached the cross there were approx 10 pilgrims on the stone mound surrounding the cross in thee half light.
There was absolute silence, a serene meditative silence as pilgrims were placing their stones ,( an age old symbolic pilgrim tradition where the stones were brought from their home to be placed at this highest point of the camino as an offering of penance and forgiveness).
They were standing like statues in a reflective or meditative stance. Heads bowed, heads watching the morning light arising across the mountains
The sun continued to rise as we joined the group in silence around the cross.
This moment lasted for the space of some minutes or so it seemed and then it was gone. Pilgrims started to talk to each other etc and new pilgrims arrived . That special moment had gone.
I reflected that this place would have special memories for most pilgrims but our unplanned arrival( we did not have a dawn visit in mind) was a special memory and one which I have returned to often.

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