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Saturday, May 23, 2009


These boots are made for walking....
What a torturous decision to buy new boots!!!!!..
Walking on the Everest track some years ago I had to be dragged out of my Dunlop volleys for boots. " Travel fast, travel light" and all that
And then on the Overland Track in Tasmania when new boots meant when you disappeared into the bog and button grass at least you came up with your boots. Would that I had my updated Dunlops to scurry down the miles.

So I have my new Camino boots on now...dreaming of my Teva runners...but with a pack even on track walks I will need ankle support..

The mind plays tricks.. too big? too tight? slipping? toe room? even with the injinjii inners and thick socks....well I'm wearing them around the house and thinking Camino and reading blog updates on current Camino blogs on blisters and feet..

so if you are out there now ...walking anywhere

happy trails

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