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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Verses by Eugenio Garibay painted on a wall on the outskirts of Najera on the Camino Frances, the pilgrim way across Northern Spain ( translation by Ian Bradley)
Dust,mud, sun and rain
Is the Camino de Santiago.
Thousands of pilgrims
And more than a thousand years
Pilgrim, who calls you?
What hidden force attracts you?
Not the field of the stars;
Nor the grand cathedrals.
It is not the courage of Navarra
Nor the wine of the Riochas
Nor the seafood of Galicia
Nor the plains of Castile.
Pilgrim who calls you?
What hidden force attracts you?
It is not the people of the Camino
Nor the rural customs.
It is not the history and culture,
It is not the cock of La Calzoda
Nor the palace of Gaudi
Nor the Ponferrada Castle
I see them all as I pass
And it is a delight to see everything
But the voice that calls to me
I feel much more deeply
The force which pushes me,
The force which attracts me,
I cannot explain it.
Only He who is above knows it.

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