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Monday, June 14, 2010


This ride was 20km on from the last ride.   From the Cominya rail siding we headed out and expected a pleasant 20km ride.
The trail was mostly broken rock and hard going as we rode into mid day sun.
We were tempted to call it off or head for nearby roads which seem to run next to the trail and then disappear into the bush.  The bush was rough and thick and had not been cleared.
We came eventually to cleared farmland with fruit orchards. what fruits we couldn't quite make out but there was small activity going on.
It was slow progress to the rail bridge our destination.  At the bridge there is still work in progress to make a track down into the gully and out.  I walked half way across the former rail bridge  and thought better of it. The ride back was much faster as we ventured onto a country sealed road.
If this was acompleted section I wouldnt be that keen on the next unfinished section.

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