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Thursday, May 20, 2010


This was a 13km walk through a Koala Park Reserve  on the south side of brisbane called Daisy Hill........It's one of those walks you walk along a trail looking up in the trees to find the elusive koala and then walk into a tree or log
I have never really seen a koala there but I have walked into trees and the occasional pond but I believe that they are there somewhere...(mm probably having a bit of a laugh on their gum leaves  actually

One thing I always forget about this walk as I start is that it is hilly.  Well it is not called Daisy Hill for nothing and there are really a lot of daisies hilly parts.
There is even the remains of a disused quarry there.  Oh yes and it is a popular place for mountain bike riding and the occasional horse rider....horses good, bikes not so good.
One bike rider shared the secret life  of the quarry with us.  " Go up on the cliffs of the quarry" he said " that's where they filmed a scene from Sea Patrol ( TV Series)"

"Really?"   mmm I started to think how Sea Patrol got so far inland. No wonder they have trouble finding refugee boats...
Guess this could be part of a celebrity tourist circuit like in Scotland, Hamish Macbeth or Doc Martin in Cornwall
" You just gotta see the cliffs and the quarry that they pushed a Sea Patrol over"
Anyway we were impressed and if we didn't see any koalas it sure was at least something


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