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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was sorry to hear about the recent death of Fess Parker. This dates me a bit but if you are of my generation you grew up singing Davey Crockett and playing Davy Crockett games which re enacted the backwood adventures of this early American hero.

Then came his action in the TV series Daniel Boone.
Another clean cut, good living, good guy hero of the pre War of Independence days.

I saw this tribute on utube. Don't go there if you have an aversion to all those old re run shows on Foxtel.

OK so then there was Daniel Boone and again if you are not with it, leave it.

The nostalgia I think is that both these film/tv characters are able to bring back not just memories of the shows but where you were and who you were with...family.

Daniel Boone was a man, was a BIG MAN....

I have read that Fess Parker went on to build a successful wine business with champion vineyards in California.
Well he was always my champion ( aw shucks)

Vale Fess Parker
Happy trails


  1. Hi Jim - sorry yes this is before my time however seems a great guy. Have you been on many hs lately?


  2. A bit slow here..walking and blogging ...hot weather , rain, flooding and a recent cyclone...all good excuses.
    Will be walking over Easter in a mountain area
    Happy Easter