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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I usually respond to the usual "BORING" response that is often offered as a universal reply of the teenager with something like...well it is actually not the event that is boring, it is usually the person who is boring.

It's the old how you react to something and not the activating event.

OK so now I'm a boring person....... Holidays have started and I have lost the routine of work and need to start a holiday routine. I'm bored and boring
Have some good books to read and the self indulgence of a holiday...can't really complain.

Make some changes that's the best therapy...do something different...Well I can get prints of the CAMINO WALK before all those beautiful towns all are forgotten...mmm pretty boring..

Bike riding around the urban bikeways...too hot now might have a heart attack...and we walk every morning at 5am

Think I might change the name of this dreary blog...it's too pretentious...I wanted a title with "travel and "life" in it but it is a bit boring really

I'm really going to do something different I promise

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