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Monday, November 23, 2009

keeping alive

Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.


OK I pinched this from the solitary walker blog. Pretty hard to appreciate what you have at times....being alive is special really

What makes someone really come alive? Well that is the secret to living I think..

The love of a special person for me, my wife ....my stepdaughter.... my lovely and lively grandchildren,...my family

I also come to life when fronted with a challenge..... It is the essence of working towards a solution that enlivens me.
I see those who venture, who adventure, as being truly engaged and alive. They move into the unknown on their quest. It doesn't have to be a Jessica Watson striving to sail the globe ..It can be just the " everyperson" making a difference, trying something different, making something better, helping better lives....that is life giving.

This is not a search for the exciting, the new but a challenge to stretch personal boundaries...people have done this throughout history

Some did this in a manner that is recorded for hisevryday waystory..many more did it in a multitude of ways that permeated their lives and those around them in .

There may be many things that give you life .Whatever gives you life...grab hold of it
Being alive is certainly special

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