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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camino Documentary

Saw this on a forum ( Yahoo Group Santiagobis)

"This spring we will be filming about a half a dozen pilgrims, braiding their stories together as they make this extraordinary journey. One of our subjects will be Annie O'Neil, a comedic actress and spiritual seeker from Los Angeles, on the Camino to overcome her fears, including her unrelenting fear of death. Additionally we will be featuring a professional windsurfer, Juan Pablo Velilla, a 26 year old bilingual Colombian. He walks the Camino to mourn the untimely death of his soulmate/cousin, Francisco. Annie and Juan Pablo's stories will be interwoven with the other featured pilgrims of various nationalities, ages, religious and spiritual beliefs as well as non-believers, each with their own reason to walk this ancient mystical and arduous path. Approximately one fifth of the people who set out to do the Camino don't make it. Will all of our pilgrims make it all the way to Santiago? How will each of them cope with all the challenges? What lessons need be to learned? How does the Camino change them and way they live their life?"

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