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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The holidays are here and Christmas is so close.  I haven't felt like blogging and have been in a bit of a rut since the Cornwall trip. 

My job has been engaging and highly stressful.  Most of the stress is self induced brought on by expectations of school colleagues who are  not really supportive or helpful.  Again that is my perception and reaction to presenting behaviour.  It has the elements of great new year resolutions.

And the cricket...embarrasing....  feel for that pommy who walked from London to get here ..not...and then my secret santa turned out to be a very pleasant englih as in pommy teacher who  requested I wear different English gear each day...hence the photo  with   dressage                                                                                                           

Anyway I am experimenting with  WORDPRESS  blogs...have a look at http://www.accssq.org.au/
It is a web site I am looking after and I think wordpress is sooooooooooooo compleeeeeeeeeeeecated compared to blogger...maybe its the rolls royce compared to the toyota  landcruiser
 I just don't get it

OK so now I can't align the text
maligned blogger

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