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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While I was travelling to St Ives...sorry wrong St Ives..this is the Cornish version and not the St Ives with the wives.
However it is a beautiful coastal town on the west coast and we have arrived after 6 days of pretty solid coastal walking.

Coastal walking means up and down  but from the ups we have seen some magnificent country side  and seascape.  Rugged cliffs with scary descents as thecoastal track inches by the frightening drops.

On the second day the wind was fierce and when we later learned it was the tail of a hurricane we shook our heads as we were blown on that day all over...lucky it was blowing the other way from the cliffs.

The Bed and  Breakfasts have been a treat and I have almost been able to reist the large English breakfasts which have slowed down my walking.

We are going to do a little more bus shuttling packs as the journey goes. One hundred K's up and another 3 to go to Falmouth.

Walk on through the rain with a song in your heart as the English sing from the stands

.........and maybe a Cornish pasty as  well

Happy Trails

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